Smoothies have become a popular on-the-go option for numerous health-conscious individuals, particularly dieters. Smoothie blenders are extremely helpful to get more green veggies into your diet, add nutrient-rich fiber, and increase protein intake, particularly if you enjoy making smoothies at home. But a countertop blender may take up a lot of space on the counter or in the cabinet.

The demand for personal blenders has been increasing in recent years due to how convenient they are, especially for those who need to whip up something in a few seconds. Yet, there are not many good options for personal blenders. Some of them are small and portable but lack sufficient blending power. They’re more akin to a countertop mini blender with limited capability. The Beast blender was launched last year, founded by Colin Sapire, former CEO of NutriBullet. Despite being marketed as a personal blender, the Beast blender costs $155 at retail, which is even a little more than the 1200 Watt countertop blender from NutriBullet.

Now here comes a serious contender with best-in-class blending performance, chic design appeal, and a reasonable price. Meet the Cocinare GoPower eLite personal blender.

The Cocinare blender is not only portable and super easy to use but also has the same power as a countertop blender. Peaked at 1,100-watt with 30,000rpm revolving speed, the Cocinare personal blender works just like a countertop blender despite its compact size. 6 Titanium Alloy Blades, along with the unique Vortex Blending System increase turbulence during blending, contributing creamier, uniform mixes, and delivering nutrient-rich smoothies in no time.

Cocinare GoPower eLite creatively integrates the blender and sports bottle into one, offering a fantastic blend-to-go feature! No more bulky setups, no more refilling after blending, no more cleaning time wasted. Just push and blend, and off you go! What’s more, the Cocinare blender puts more effort into the design for safety concerns. They even develop the Cocianre APP which you can get tons of tasty recipes for different health and fitness purposes.

Cocinare GoPower eLite blender is now available on Amazon, priced at $99.99 and you may get it for under $80 after the coupon. Get your powerful Cocinare personal blender to power your day with healthy tasty drinks!

Cocinare GoPower eLite specs:

  • Speed: 30000rpm
  • Total Volume: 16oz (470ml)
  • Vessel Materials: BPA-Free
  • Width: 5 inches
  • Height: 18.62 inches
  • System: Vortex Blending
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 1100W peak power 

Founded by a passionate team with expertise in the tech, fitness, and nutrition industries. Cocinaré dedicates to creating the most compelling personal smart kitchen appliances that you enjoy using every day and anywhere. 

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