Cocinare Launches The World’s First Real Blend-To-Go Personal Blender

Portable, Powerful And Mindful, Cocinare GoPower eLite Is Redefining Tomorrow’s Personal Blender

Smoothies have become a popular on-the-go option for numerous health-conscious individuals, particularly dieters. Healthy smoothies are perfect to get a lot of nutrients into your diet while also keeping it tasty. Smoothies not only provide a boost in the morning or mid-afternoon but can also be a meal replacement. 

However, not all smoothies that you can buy are healthy, since many of them are loaded with ice cream and sweets while skimping on the healthful ingredients like yogurt, fruits, and veggies. This fuels a surge in demand for personal blenders that allow people to customize the ingredients based on their fitness and taste preferences. Along with the increasing health awareness, many people, particularly those who live in busy cities, yearn for a personal blender that is also portable, easy to use, and clean. 

There are a few personal blender options on the market, some of them are portable but lack the power that many desire. They’re more akin to a mini countertop blender with limited blending capability. But finally, we get to see the world’s first real personal blender that is powerful, compact, and can simply blend to go

Meet the Cocinare GoPower eLite personal blender, a game-changing personal blender with best-in-class blending performance.

With the modern lifestyle in mind, the GoPower eLite creatively integrates the blender and sports bottle into one, so no more bulky setups, no more extra refilling after blending, and no more time wasted for cleaning. Just add ingredients, push and blend, and off you go!

The Cocinare blender has a peak power of 1,100-watts and a revolving speed of 30,000RPM, making it as powerful as a countertop blender despite its compact size. 6 Titanium Alloy Blades, along with the unique Vortex Blending System, GoPower eLite can crush the hardest ingredients in seconds, delivering nutrient-rich smoothies in no time.

Cocinare GoPower eLite personal blender is now available on Official Site & Amazon. You can now enjoy $20% off plus another $10 off coupon applied at checkout during their product launch promotion on Amazon.

About Cocinaré

Founded by a passionate team consisting backgrounds of in technology, fitness, and nutrition industries, Cocinare dedicates to creating the most compelling personal smart kitchen appliances that you enjoy using every day and anywhere. 

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