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Cocinare Product Care & Troubleshooting

The Gopower Elite is our latest and greatest compact powerhouse blender and is known for being the little engine that could – it’s the personal blender that’s best at crushing ice , make smoothie bowls and blending frozen fruit. It comes with ergonomically redesigned titanium alloy blades and cups and a powerful 1100-watt motor. With the best-in-class blending performance, you can load it up easily with your favorite whole foods like nuts, berries and spinach, then push, twist and blend your way to a healthier lifestyle. Great design for taking your blends on the go.Provide with fully customizable recipe app which contains : calories check list ,500+ collaborated expert ,member's only custom recipe ,7 -21 days immune boosting , weight loss , muscle building , detox ... smoothie plans . Power you to make the change every day.

Along with smoothies, the Gopower Elite also makes delicious blended smoothie bowl, shakers, extractions, frozen drinks ,nice cream ,ice crush ,cocktails , frappes ,sorbets ,slushies ,nut butter ,dip ,sauce ,soup ,baby food,mix batters and more. Please download our recipes app for ideas!

We recommend washing the blade by hand with warm soapy water immediately after use. The cups and accessories are top shelf dishwasher safe. The motor base should be unplugged and wiped clean with a warm soapy cloth.

Blending creates pressure inside the cup to break down ingredients. Make sure not to fill past the max line. The longer your blend cycle is on, the longer pressure builds inside the cup. An alternative is blending multiple times in shorter cycles.

Hot ingredients like coffee or carbonated ingredients like soda should never be blended in the Gopower series. The ingredients can build up pressure and cause damage to the components and even cause injury.

Each Cocinare blender has its own blade and cup that is designed to specifically for each model. Using the wrong parts and accessories can lead to increased wear and tear. See compatible accessories here.

Yes, they are BPA free.

No, the Cocinare cups are not microwave or freezer safe. We do not recommend freezing the cups as this can make the cups brittle and they could crack.

We found that users of mixers of other brands have caused many problems due to the removable silicone ring, such as difficult to disassemble, broken silicone ring, liquid leakage, mold and smell, etc., which brought a very bad experience to consumers. So we adopted a no rubber ring seal design after three months of continuous testing, which is really easy to clean and easy to use.

The gopower elite motor is designed with Automatic Overload Protection to protect itself from overheating.  If the motor overheats:
Turn the power off for up to 30 minutes, allowing the blender to cool down or reset.  Reset time will be extended if high room temperarutes exist. If you are still unable to start your machine, please contact customer service.

Although all motors are tested at the cocinare factory, heavy use will cause further curing of the motor windings in new machines.  This curing gives off a burning smell and is typical for wound motors.  This smell will quickly dissipate after a few heavy uses.
In addition, the gopower elite motor is designed with Automatic Overload Protection to protect itself from overheating.  If the motor should overheat, it may emit a burning smell.  If this occurs, turn the power off for up to 30 minutes, allowing the blender to cool down or reset.


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Please email us with your brief intro and your interested collaboration with us to collab@cocinare.com , we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

Please send email to collab@cocinare.com , we will get back to as soon as possible. Thanks!


If you have feedback or a complaint about your product or our service, we kindly ask you to contact us: support@cocinare.com. Our customer service team will review your message and try to resolve any issues to everyone's satisfaction. Please do not forget to state your order number if you have one.

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Cocinare App


Cocinare is a free mobile app with 500+ smoothie recipes that you can make with Cocianre products. With Cocinare App, you can filter by dietary preferences, find the perfect recipe for you. Cocinare App allows you to meal plan, to get to know the nutrition data that you intake, and get more fitness and health support from the community and our expert team.

You can download the App both in iOS and Android app stores for free. Please search "cocinare" in the app store, you will find it there.
1. For Android devices: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cocinare.cocinare

2. For iOS devices: https://apps.apple.com/tt/app/cocinare/id1607434132


You can try our membership in three ways:
1. By signing up now, you will receive the 30 days free trail, you can sign up now at: https://cocinare.com/pages/download

2. Once you purchased our devices, you can activate your 1 year membership card.
3. You can buy the membership in cocinare App

Cocinare Premium membership gives you access to more exclusive recipes (500+ recipes) and full nutrition data, compared with the free program

We offer monthly, Quarterly and Yearly subscriptions for $9.9 USD, $24.9 USD, $79.9 USD respectively. You can subscripe in the cocinare App

Yes, we offer a 30-day free trial. By signing up now, you will receive the 30 days free Premium trail, you can sign up now at: https://cocinare.com/pages/download

No, you cannot temporarily pause your subscription, but please see below on how to cancel.

Our cocinare Premium subscriptions auto-renew so you never get locked out from all your favorite recipes. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, however you will not be refunded. Your subscription will end at the completion of your next billing cycle.


At this time, all subscriptions are for individuals only. We will consider the familiy sharing feature in the future.

Here's how to save your own recipe to the cocinare app:
1. Go to My Saved Recipes
3. Follow the on screen instructions and input a recipe title and add at least one ingredient
4. Tap on DONE

To save a recipe to your cookbook, open the recipe, click the “save” button on the bottom left, select cookbook, and select which cookbook you’d like to save the recipe to.

1. To save a recipe to your meal plan, open the recipe, click the white “save” button on the bottom left, and select “meal plan”.
2. A calendar will appear. Select the date you want to cook that recipe, and the corresponding meal type.
3. You can then access your meal plan from the bottom navigation bar of your home scroll.
Alternatively, you can start from the meal plan calendar, select a date, select a meal type, and then search for an appropriate recipe.

At this time, we do not support sharing meals plans

1. To access your grocery list, select “Grocery Cart” on the right top corner on the home screen.
2. Click “ADD” on the top right and name your grocery list. Click “Add your items” to search for ingredients and specify quantity.

Additionally, you can add ingredients directly from the recipe you’d like to make. Open up the recipe you’d like to get ingredients for, scroll down to the ingredients section, adjust your serving size, and click the “ADD TO SHOPPING LIST” button. Review the ingredients and uncheck any that you already have available at home. Click the “CONFIRM” button at the bottom, and select a shopping list. Those ingredients can now be found on your shopping list.

Simply go to your Cookbook or Meal Plan, you can find the delete sign on the right top corner of the recipe. You can delete it easily by following the instruction.


You can reach out to support@cocinare.com for any questions. Our customer service team will review your message and try to resolve any issues to everyone's satisfaction