KRUSH Ice Cream Maker
GoPower eLite Blender

Make Ice Cream Like Never Before

Get ready for a world of indulgence with KRUSH - the world's first wireless and portable ice cream maker. Create delicious, creamy treats in minutes, at home or on the go. Our unique cooling system keeps your ice cream perfectly chilled for up to an hour, so you can share the sweetness with your loved ones anytime, anywhere!


Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle

State-of-the-art gooseneck kettle for coffee and tea enthusiasts. Excellent pour-over performance with precise temperature control and a steady pour that delivers a perfect cup every time. The innovative control knob features a dot matrix display and a range of smart features, all in a sleek and durable design. Multi-protection system ensures you're safe from any potential burns. Upgrade your brewing game with FLOW.

The Most Powerful Personal Blender

Take your healthy lifestyle to the next level with GoPower eLite - the ultimate personal blender for health-conscious individuals. With its compact and portable design, blend-to-go and create perfect smoothies, shakes or salad dressings wherever you are. Its sleek design seamlessly fits any kitchen, and the easy-to-use interface makes it a breeze to operate.