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We're Cocinare, a wellness technology team that integrates curiosity, health, fitness, and life together. Started by creating a distinctive personal blender that revolves around simplifying a healthy lifestyle anytime, anywhere. And a community that empower and inspire the wellness minded. Collaborated with certified nutritionist, wellness and fitness coach. Combine physical challenge with fuel-yourself-right recipes ,you'll begin to watch your body transform, your cravings change and the rest of your diet naturally change too!

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Our passion is creating better experiences that put the joy of food at the centre of your life.
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Choose your diet plan from 500+ recipes that you can make with Cocianre products, get to know the nutrition data that you intake, and get more fitness and health support from the community and our expert team.

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" workout. eat well . find your strength and be your best"
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The gopower elite reinvented by our power user and previous gopower cusomters' valuable feedback, hundreads of power users participate the product design and test the product.

Cocinare®was founded on the simple premise that whole foods are nature's greatest gift to us. Using innovative design and technology, we hope to enable and empower our community to strengthen their immunity and to attain their nutrition and wellness goals. As an all-encompassing wellness brand, Cocinare®plans to introduce additional innovative appliances and related products for discerning, health-focused consumers across the globe and to focus on meaningful community-minded initiatives.