world's 1st Wireless & Portable ice cream maker

ice cream in minutes

melt proof system

4-in-1 freezer bowl

super easy to clean

one button to start

as simple as that!

  • Charging time

    2-3 hours

  • operation for one charge

    13-15 times

  • Production duration

    15-20 minutes

operation window

illuminated windown specially designed

to help you monitor the operation process

type-c charger

globally applicable, no adator

needed wherever you go!

pioneering Design

KRUSH is designed to transform the

traditional bulky chunky ice cream makers

into an elegant and functional artware

"The most easy, versatile, and portable ice cream maker you'll ever own"

Making your own flavor of ice cream is just like counting 1, 2, 3 with KRUSH

One-hour Cooling System

With over 400g of custom coolant fluid (both in the bowl and the lid), KRUSH's Freezer Bowl innovatively creates an all-around insulated freezing system. It can keep a full package of 210g ice cream cold and fresh for 5 hours at 30°C/86°F outdoor temperatures when fully frozen and combined with KRUSH's exclusive cooler bag. KRUSH allows you to take ice cream on picnics, hiking, sailing, camping, and other unusual occasions, and enjoy ice cream like never before!

no pre-made and pre-frozen ingredients needed, just put in fresh crushed ingredients, and you're ready to go!

No more health concerns about ice cream!

500+ incredible recipes

Concinare App has integrated more than 500 healthy ice cream and smoothie recipes. Backers will receive an exclusive code on on the membership card in the box to unlock the recipes on our App.

You can also add a little fuzzy to the creative moment.

KRUSH Travel Bag

Free up your kitchen space and have it on-the-go

30-seconds cleaning

KRUSH is super easy to clean! Just remove the dasher from the motor head, and rinse the bowl and the dasher after use. Completely hassle-free!


it's as sweet as ice cream when sharing KRUSH-made ice cream with your loved ones

story behind KRUSH

We like ice cream for its sheer variations of flavors: from icy sorbets to lavish combinations with toppings, coatings, and inclusions.

That's how we had the idea of making KRUSH so that everyone can create their own unique and sweet memory once in a while.

KRUSH in motion

flow close

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