Flow Into The Wild

Inspired by how coffee beans originated from tropical and sub-tropical forests, and the rainforest arts by Henri Rousseau, we are thrilled to present the tropical vibe driven functional artware, the Cocinare FLOW gooseneck kettle.

Beyond Beautiful

A pioneering auto power-switch system that allows ultrafast boiling speed while enhancing user safety. Integrated control knob + display design, an industry breakthrough that offers you the perfect to-the-degree temperature control.

Brew Like A Pro

Designed and supervised by professional baristas with thousands of testing in development, Cocinare FLOW offers steady pour with precise temperature and delicate flow control.

Bring Your Aesthetic Inspiration Home

Designed and supervised by professional baristas, Cocinare FLOW offers the best-in-class pour-over coffee experience. Let your imagination flow with the aroma in your surroundings.

flow close

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